Fixing dropped stitches from beginning of row

Hi! I’m currently knitting a pair of gauntlets for a friend, done with the left side and now working on the right. I was carrying it around in my bag and the right needle slipped off. After noticing this, I simply put the stitches back on and continued to knit.

I didn’t realize the stitches originally on the right needle (14 rows of stitches) were 1 row shorter than the ones on the left (15 rows)! I’ve knitted a whole new row now and reached the spot where the stitches fell off, so the stitches on one needle is now 3 rows longer than the other (17 vs 14 rows).

I don’t know if this actually classifies as a case of dropped stitches and I hope this makes sense. Does anyone know how I can fix this? D:


Oh boy. If it’s a complicated stitch pattern it may not be possible, but if it’s simple here’s a few link that may help.

Thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately, my project doesn’t have the loops the videos refer to. I attached an image of the ‘damaged’ portion for a clearer picture.

Would it be a good idea if I just unraveled it back to the 13th row?

Oh! I misunderstood the problem so disregard my previous answer. Sorry about that. Can you post the pattern name and link if possible?

Do you have the correct number of stitches? (not rows, stitches on the needles) If you do that means you didn’t actually drop any when you picked them up.

It’s difficult to count actual rows from the picture because of the type of cast on you have, but it “looks” like you are missing about 3 or 4 rows. Because I can’t see the pattern it makes it harder to diagnose the problem. It may be easier for you to rip back than fool around with fixing it as is.