Fixing curling stockinette

I THOUGHT the curling stockinette “demons” would be appeased in my recent table runner project because I’ve added a seed stitch border all the way around. Unfortunately, it still curls and I don’t want it too.

Should I start over and make the borders wider? Or should I just do a garter st border instead? I wanted to make it look fancier with a 5 st edging on both sides and 8 rows on the ends.

What do you think? What will banish the curling - wider seed st edges or garter st???


Unfortunately the stitches are different sizes so they will have a tendency to curl or fold at the edge. The borders help, but don’t cure.

If you are willing this method seems to work with a little effort… She has other links to why and help in the article.

It might be a nice look on a table runner.

Thanks Jan. Those edgings do look very nice, but I’ve gotta get this table runner done in about a week. So…I decided to adapt a pattern I’ve got for a placemat and just make it narrower (and longer). It’s a waffle-y type of design

Love that info about edgings and will read it soon!