Fixing Color

I dyed a large hank of yarn today. I dyed it orange and blue. One section of the blue isn’t right. The jar I put it in apparently didn’t have enough room, so there are lots of places where the yarn is still white. I think it will be easier to redye those sections (I’m planning on using a dropper) after I knit the socks. Can I do this, or do I risk the blue bleeding into other parts of the sock - namely the orange? Should I just try and fix it while it’s in the hank?

i would try to fix it while it’s still in the hank. the dropper seems like a good idea.
unless you dyed it to knit up in thick stripes there is a great chance of it bleeding into the orange once you knit the socks.

I agree with Foxyie, and if it’s not in thick stripes when it’s knit up, it seems like it would be a lot trickier too!