Fixing broken rib with slipped stitch

I’m currently working on the Forever Baby Blanket from Purl Bee:

I’m really hoping that someone can help me! I’m about 90% done with this blanket and I seem to have made a mistake. I now have what looks like a broken rib. It looks like my mistake was only about 2 rows back but with 179 stitches per row, taking it out is no small task.

I’m attempting to correct myself but I feel like this would be so much easier if I clearly understood which part of the stitch pattern made the V. Is it slipping the stitch that does this, knitting the stitch after the slipped stitch, or is it something else? I can usually think through my mistakes pretty easity but this one is really giving me a hard time. :??

The V is due to the slipped stitch. (Possibly it would help to insert an “afterthought” lifeline into the row with the error or the row below the one with the mistake in case there is a problem fixing the error and you need to undo a few rows. If you watch the video on inserting a needle in a destination row, you can do the same thing either with a smaller diameter spare needle or with a tapestry needle and a length of yarn.)
It’s a beautiful baby blanket. Enjoy knitting the rest of it.

Thanks! I think I will insert a lifeline. I really should’ve used on in the first place. Having to undo knitting is the worst. But I guess it’s better than living with a messed up project.
Guess I’ll get started :knitting: Thanks again!