Fixing boo-boos

I don’t know how to “unknit” or “frog” or whatever you call it. Of course I know with frogging you just pull out the rows, but I don’t know how to get it back on the needle. I always have to take it to my LNS to get it fixed, and it’s beginning to get embarrasing. I’ve seen people pull out what they want and then “thread” it back on the needle to start over, but I always lose my little loop for the needle to go through. Any suggestions or do I need to just swallow my pride keep taking it in for the experts to fix?:blush:

Do you need to take out multiple rows or just a few stitches?

Here are some videos for a few methods under fixing mistakes. It’s probably the best way to start explaining it.

What I do is rip out to the row above where I want to reknit from, then put the needle in (using a smaller one is easier) as I take out the last row st by stitch. You don’t lose any sts this way as long as you’re careful not to stretch out the knitting. There’s a video for how to reinsert the needle on the page Jan linked.

Thanks so much–the videos were very helpful. I need to start researching things more thoroughly before I ask the question on here. :oops: Thanks for your patience with me.