Fixing an error

I am a beginner and at the moment I am learning to make a “diagonal dishcloth”. (Learning to decrease and increase). K2, YO, knit across. continue until you have 53 stitches.
Somewhere along the 18 row, I got a hole where its not suppose to be. Did I drop a stitch, or what ? Can someone tell me how to correct this? Thanks

What is a BBCode??


You may have accidentally created a yarnover where you didn’t intend one, or you may have dropped a stitch. If you pull along the sides of the hole, a dropped stitch will continue to drop; a yarn-over won’t. You can easily fix a dropped stitch with a crochet hook. Go here and scroll to ‘fixing mistakes’.

The accidental yarn-over, though, will leave the hole unless you frog (rip out) to the problem area.

BBCode is the programming language of this forum.

Thanks Angelia
I will check to see if a made a YO or dropped a stitch.
Thanks again