Fixing a TOP DOWN SWEATER with too tight neckline!

[size=6][color=blue] :cheering: I am so excited…I have to plug a book that saved a sweater for me ! I knitted this sweater…

using the sweater calculator for raglan style, knit-from-the-top-down sweater…and the neck was too small to fit over my granddaughter’s head.

But I got a book from the library, called KNIT FIX, by Lisa Kartus, that contained some ‘extreme fixes’. One of them taught me to isolate a row that was below the problem area, clip a stitch in the upper row, and as I unraveled, put the stitches on a needle to be knitted in the opposite direction ! This would put your stockinette stitch off by one-half stitch, but if you change to ribbing, which you need to do for the neckline, it looks just fine, and you can reknit a bigger neck ! MY SWEATER IS SAVED ! ! ! :happydance: [/color][/size]

[size=6][color=green]Now, I realize that it is a pretty plain-looking sweater, but it is my FIRST, and was so important for me to SAVE !

Anyway, I hope this information will be of some help to another new knitter ![/color][/size] :teehee:

glad you fixed it! :thumbsup:

Plain looking? I think it’s great! I think it’s great that you fixed it, too! Very impressive.

It’s a beautful sweater and I know she will love it!

[color=blue][size=6]:oops: I just realized my mistake !!! This would officially be my SECOND sweater…the first time I tried to make one, the pattern didn’t show a picture, and it turned out to be a baby cardigan, and I put it away and forgot it ! (second picture)

Today, I tried to dress the corrected sweater up a bit with some duplicate stitch embroidery, which I had never before tried, and I don’t know if I actually improved it or not ! Anyway, I’m enclosing a shot of it, too. (first photo, obviously)[/color][/size]

They BOTH look great-and I like the dup.stitch flower too! :muah: great fix-I will have to see if I can find that book. You should be proud-I bet she’ll love it!!

very cool!!!

That’s great that you were able to fix it! Thanks for the tip on the book. Both sweaters are very pretty!