Fixing a too-long hat

I knit up a cute wool hat for my husband, just a simple black 1x1 rib , knit in the round, with about six rows of grey at the bottom for contrast.

I didn’t have a pattern to the gauge that I wanted, so I went from something similar and did my math… but it’s a little too long. I wish I’d knit an inch less before starting my decreases.

My question is, is it possible to take an inch of black off the bottom section, and re-knit the grey rounds (the very botton)? Could I insert my needles, cut the black yarn an inch up, join the grey yarn and knit downward, or will the stitches obviously look like they’re pointing the wrong way? What about putting both the black and grey sections on needles, cutting or frogging off an inch of black, and grafting them together?

Thanks for the advice of the more experienced!

I’m not that good at fixing mistakes, but if it were me, I would just unravel it to the point you want it to be, then insert thin needles to pick up the stitches, and bind it off with a thick needle.

I’d undo it too. A hat is not very large and cutting, unravelling and reknitting would probably be more hassle than just going back to an inch before you started the decreases and redoing the top. Be sure to mark the point you want to go back to.

Good thought, that. I didn’t consider it because the decreases took about 1/3 of the hat’s total length, involved a complicated spiraling pattern, and were tough to get right.

You can actually take a circular needle, pick up every other loop at the point you want to unravel to, unravel and the stitches are there waiting for you! :woot:

Or you can unknit them, but this takes time!