Fixing a loop

I am new at knitting. I have just started, or should I say attempting, a scarf. There’s a problem. I think that I let a stitch slip and didn’t see it so it went unfixed. Now I have a loop on the side. Should I just start all over? Or is there another way to fix it?
Here’s what it looks like:


Dropped edge sts are a bit harder to pick up, though it can be done. However, I’d just sew it to its neighbor when done or rip back to it. I notice that about 5 or 6 sts to the left of it and up a row, you’ve got something weird going on, the line of purl bumps seems to be interrupted. Did you put your piece down before the end of the row about there? If you did, you may have picked it up and started knitting the wrong direction. If you start up in the middle of a row, the yarn should be coming off the R needle, not the L as if finish a row and start a new one. Given that [I]and[/I] the dropped stitch and you’re not too far into it, maybe you ought to start over.