Fixed circulars?

I’ve been wanting to knit some socks, but its taking me quite a long time on my DPNs so I’m looking to buy a matching set of fixed circulars for two at once toe up socks on two circs…

any recommendations on cord length? Or does it really not matter when doing toe up socks on two needles?


My personal preference is (2) 24" needles. I’ll use 29" if that’s what I have (my size 3 set is (1) 24" and (1) 29"), but it’s a tad too long.

I like to use two DIFFERENT needles…that’s how I distinguish which one I’m on, and have LESS of a chance of mixing them up. Notice I say LESS of a chance. Sorry, I just grab two of the same size, different lengths…DIFFERENT BRAND. I have a couple brands like my Harmony and Crystal that are similiar enough (bamboo and wood, close enough)…different enough in color, close enough in feel. they can even be the same length then. If they both happen to be bamboo, then I try for different lengths. Maybe even quite a bit shorter.