Fix the hole of sweater sleeve


Thank you for the help. I have finished the sweater. Everything is perfect except one sleeve. I did not realize that there was a hole while increasing. I just have seen that. Could you help me if there is something I could fix.



You may be able to take a piece of the same yarn and loosely close up and fill in the hole. Weave in the ends of the extra yarn.
Can you post a photo of the problem?

This is how it is… I started with this sleeve and didn’t notice at all…

but I still don’t understand how it is to be filled.

Basically you want to sew the stitches together and fill in the gap. Use a tapestry needle to sew through the sts on either side of the hole. You don’t need to pull tightly since that will just emphasize the repair.
Some rows of sts are twisted. If you want that, it’s fine but if not, make sure you’re knitting or purling into the correct side of a stitch and that you’re wrapping the yarn correctly.