Fix Sock Edge

I just completed my first ever sock, and it turned out great, except the top edge was too tight. Thinking I could easily fix that problem, I ripped out the roll-over top edge and I accidentally ripped out two rows of ribbing, too. I tried re-doing the two rows of ribbing, only to find that it doesn’t look right. The new rows don’t match the old rows. (Because I’m knitting the opposite way, I can’t distinguish the knit and purl stitches). Is there a way of re-doing the top of a sock, or should I just bind it off? Or should I knit a new top on separate needles and then attach it to the sock? :??

I’m sorry that this question went unanswered for so long!!

I would suggest just binding off where you are, since it’s only short 2 rows. You can do that by slipping all the stitches back onto your needles and binding off as normal. Use a needle 2 sizes larger to do the binding off to avoid another tight edge.

For future reference here is a link for a stretchy sock bind off:

Thanks for the advice! I will be careful to cast on loosely from now on.

Silver, your sock tutorial is great! I love the pictures! One question, though: can your pattern be used for making men’s socks, too?