Fix hole where I joined in a new yarn ball

I usually weave in the ends as I join in a new yarn ball but I noticed it sometimes pulls my stocking stitch out of line so in my current project I have literally just started knitting with my new yarn and left the ends to weave in. I’m using linen drape yarn and it would show up the inconsistency in stitch size if I wove in whilst knitting or if I knitted with 2 yarn strands for several stitches. This is why i decided to just leave the ends for weaving in. I thought it would be the cleanest way.

However. There is a hole, the 2 stitches are not fully joined together. Eek.
Will these pull together enough and stay together if I just weave each into the other’s purl bump?
It’s slippy yarn too.

I joined in at the beginning of a row successfully on another part but this one was mid row, as I suddenly encountered a knot in my yarn ball and cut the knot out (is this common to get yarn with actual knotted joins in?)

Can I fix it or should I rip back and join my yarn at the begining of the row?

Try to undo the woven tails and then weave them in so they are woven on the opposite side of the gap. Then they are pulling the gap together.


Thank you.
I’ve done this with kne side now and still to do the other.
I did a proper figure of 8 weave and followed the line where the yarn would have continued had it not been broken, going over the gap and into the purl bump on the other side of the gap. Is that correct?
It does look stronger now even though I’ve only done one.
I’ve gone along in the figure of 8 weaves quite a few stitches, it’s quite slippery yarn, will I hold or do I need an additional trick here?
It’s viscose cotton mix, almost no stretch or give in it.

Thanks for your help. I have not woven in so accurately before.

With slippery yarn, after I’ve woven it in I get some sewing thread in a similar colour and sew over and over a few times to catch the tail in with the strand it is behind. Nothing fancy.

I only catch the back part of the knitted strand onto the tail so that the stitching can’t be seen from the front of the work.


Thanks for this tip.
I’ll do this. The yarn I’m using is quite tufty at the cut end where it untwists and opens up so I think this will be good to sew it down.
I don’t have any experience of different yarn types so everything I get is new to me.