Fix an entire row help please!

Hello fellow knitters! I was hoping to please get some help regarding a silly mistake I made on a sweater that I’m absolutely loving. I’m working on the Klint Classic by Anne Ventzel, it has a lot of p2, k2 ribbing action followed by a knit row. I made the mistake on the front of my sweater of missing some of this ribbing and I’d like to fix it. I can’t undo the knitting because I discovered this way too late (once I bound off of the body). I’m also not entirely sure what I did wrong - did I miss the knits or purls? And, I was wondering if I can duplicate stitch it, but how do I do that if what I need to do is make up purl stitches?

Pretty much I’m totally confused on what I did wrong and what I need to do to fix it. I thought it’d be easier to show the wrong side of the sweater, where the mistake is more noticeable. Please let me know. I would so appreciate any guidance and what you would do in this scenario


Thank you!

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It looks so lovely and well done. You can certainly use duplicate stitch and working over a knit to change to a purl is an easier way to do this to my mind.
In this tutorial the person is correcting a mistake in colorwork but you can uses a similar technique to change knits for purls or vice versa.

I had a good look, but couldn’t find a tutorial on how to duplicate stitch a purl over a knit stitch.

Then I thought “Why not do it from the back?”

So you could have a look at the back of your knitting, find the purl bumps that should be knits in that row, and duplicate stitch over them.

Practise on a swatch first.

If it’s not too bulky, you can go across the whole section rather than just correcting the two wrong stitches and skipping the two correct ones.

thanks, my issue has been fixed.

Thank you so much! super helpful!

Just reading your response made me see my issue much clearer, and you really helped me a ton. Thanks so much!

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