Fix a wide v-neck

Im making the Simple knitted bodice from stitch divas:

and i love the pattern but i think the v-neck is way to wide. is there any way that i can make it narrower(?) am i making any sense?
the pattern says to pick up the v neck sts and work 2 rounds of purl ridge and then bind off. should i work in stockinette for an inch of so and then do the purl ridge? i should probably try it to see how it would look but i am just wondering if anyone has any better ideas.

well, if you haven’t started it yet, you could do the decreases at less often so you’re not taking the center part so close to the shoulder. For instance, if it says to decrease at the neck one stitch every 6 rows, maybe you could decrease one stitch every 8 rows.

I don’t really know if it would work, but that’s what i would try.

If you’ve already knitted the sweater, then i might try your solution.

good luck!

its a top down so i’m up to the waist. i guess i had just put the stitches on a holder to try the sweater on and decided to work on the neck and sleeves and then finish up making it as long as i want(to cover my bottom). i’ll post a pic soon i hope lol

Don’t you pick up stitches for a neckband later on? If so, maybe you can try some short rows to fill in the bottom of the V. Some who made this pattern did more front incs so it wouldn’t be quite so deep.