Five ways to help support

Hey Everyone!

From time to time we are asked by visitors and members how they can show their appreciation for our work and help support this web site. Up until now we didn’t really have a complete answer. So, Amy and I put our thinking-caps (knitted no less!) on and came up with a page listing five simple ways to help support From [I]clicking on our advertisers and purchasing from them[/I] to [I]adding a link to from your blog or web site[/I]. Many people don’t realize that these small things can really help! So please take a look at the new “How to Support” page. If you have any feedback or further ideas, please let me know. :mrgreen:

Thanks for reading!


Hi Sheldon–Do you get anything when a user clicks on the add but doesn’t purchase anything, or does it only help when something is purchased. Because I go to KnitPicks frequently just to look around. :slight_smile:

I’m so glad you posted this to let us all know ways we can support this wonderful site! It’s nice to know there are so many options. Thanks!

Many of our advertisers measure the clicks on their ads. So even if you’re just clicking on an ad to browse their web site it does helps. When our advertisers see that their ads are successful here on KH, they are more likely to stick around and advertise with us. Advertising has been very slow this year so every little bit helps!

Thanks for asking :mrgreen:


I have to admit, I don’t even think about some of those things. I’ve ordered a few times from KnitPicks, and I could have easily ordered through the link! I’ll have to take time to tell them that I would not have even known about them if not for this site.

Just want to give this a bump up to make sure folks had a chance to read it. Sunday is our busiest day typically. Also, I want to say thanks to everyone who put a few dollars in our tip jar. Amy and I are overwhelmed by your generosity and appreciation for Thank you!!!

Happy March everyone!


Thanks for this information, Sheldon. I frequently talk about KnittingHelp on my blog and have noticed that people click from my link back to this site. It’s good to know that doing something so simple actually helps y’all out.

BTW, how’s the baby doing?

Thanks! Yes, even something as simple as a link helps a lot. It helps increase awareness of this web site and also helps us in the search engines.

Erin is doing great! She’s really wonderful. She is growing very quickly and is a new person every day. We are a happy family.


I recently purchased my circular needle set from Knit Picks and I think I did it through a link I got on your forum.

I am always talking on other knitting forum about how wonderful this site is . Here is one of my posting that I added to my blog on another site,

For my Knitting friends ,this is one great knitting site. Since I am fairly new to knitting I find this site is the most helpful from any others that are available online. If I post for help with a knitting problem I usually will get an answer within minutes sometimes within an hour. Which on other knitting sites can take days to get a reply as some of you may know.

I love this forum, I am on Ravelry and when I ask for knitting help it will take days to get help and it brings my project to a halt.

Suzeeq and Jan in CA have been guiding me in a baby sweater pattern . I would be lost without their help. THIS SITE ROCKS:yay::yay:

I just wanted to throw out some ideas. I was wondering if it might be a good idea to get some business cards printed and send them along with the regional oddball blankets. I know that KH would have to take the initial cost (or someone else who is willing to do it) but I would be more than willing to pass along the business cards if I had them, but I don’t have a printer that prints color, nor cardstock.

It would be really awesome if once in awhile along with the oddball blankets a bunch of the business cards were sent along with it, then everyone could grab a few to distribute to people, leaving the rest for the next knitter.

Also, I was wondering if perhaps you could design a bumper sticker and have those available in your store. I would LOVE to have a knitting help sticker to put on my car and/or laptop.

This is such a great website and I tell people about it all the time, but it would be better if I could have some visual aids. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, I never knew just clicking on the ad would help! Will do Sheldon, thanks for that tip.

Also, I was wondering if perhaps you could design a bumper sticker and have those available in your store. I would LOVE to have a knitting help sticker to put on my car and/or laptop.

THAT WOULD BE GREAT!!! I would SOOO buy some of those…even other stuff… like buttons and stitch markers and well lemme ask some other folks.