Five/five squares

i am a relatively new knitter, exploring some new stitches. i want to try out the “five/five squares” (found in vogue knitting - the ultimate guide), but i can’t figure out what “knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches” means. it sounds so simple but i can’t get it to come out right. can anyone explain this term to me in a different way? thanks!

okay i have been knitting for over a year and i THINK i FINALLY got this straight in my head…it seems backwards to me but this is what i understand it to be…if as you are knitting your next stitch is a V then you knit it…if it is a bump then you purl it. the Vs are the knit stitch and the Purls are the Bumps.

oh pleeeeeeeease let me finally have that right! :pray:

You got it!!

i would explain why that logic makes no sense to me but i am guessing you can figure it out and i don’t want to confuse anybody else! :rofling:

But it does make sense! A stitch, as you look at it, is either a knit or a purl. It doesn’t matter that it was something different on the other side, once that previous row is completed and you turn it around, what faces you is the only thing that matters.

lol i get it now but i always thought about it as what i did to get it to look like that!

so, so helpful - i got it to work! thank you!!!