Five Cotton FO's

I’ve been knitting some gifts with cotton yarn, and here are some of my favorites. The vest is not a gift, it’s mine.:teehee:

Those are all very pretty! You have some of your Christmas things done already, don’t you?

They are lovely and so well done…hooray you’re ahead with your gift knitting.I love the tea towel crochet…may I ask what pattern it is

The look great!! Wonderful idea for gifts!

Wow. Your way ahead with Christmas gifts. Good for you. Your sets look beautiful and I like your vest. Keep up the great work!

Nice work :thumbsup: The scarf is gorgeous!

Those are great! Someone is going to get some great gifts!:thumbsup:

Like 'em all!! :cheering:

The towel toppers are knitted using this pattern.
The cotton cloths are this pattern.

The scarf comes from a booklet called “Pure Cashmere” by Debbie Bliss, and the vest is a Ysolda Teague design called “Leisl.”

Very nice! And it’s great that you are jump-starting your gifts now!

Wel done n nice works

Those are some very lovely gifts!

Everything looks great! I especially like the sweater and the dishrags :slight_smile: