Fitting socks

I made my husband a pair of socks and they were to small all over but especially around the toes. How do I make them so that they fit his feet?


Here’s a sock calculator:
You need to take measurements of the foot/leg and figure your yarn guage.

If he liked the “fabric” that the needle size/yarn combination made, then you’ll want to stay with the same size needles and increase the amount of stitches that you use to accommodate his foot shape and size. If the fabric was too firm/tight, then simply going up a needle size may be all you need to fit the sock to his foot. Also if they were tight around the toes you can change the rate of decreases as you knit the toe or make the foot longer before you start the taper. I frequently do that because I like a fairly broad toe with some taper but not that much. Socks are small enough so that you can experiment without having to rip out miles of stitches if you want to make changes.

The Knitting Fiend has a number of Sock Calculators or Sockulators that with a calculation of gague and a few measurements will give you a pattern. They are about half way down the page. Also remember that your gague matters and is different knitting flat, or in the round even if you use the same needles.
Also if you knit toe-up you can try them on as you go and adjust for a better fit.