Fitting socks to large legs

A friend of mine has lipedema. Since she has a hard time finding long pants that fit I’d like to make her some nice knee high socks.
I’d like to do them toe up and I can find a million patterns. But I’m trying to figure out increases. Her feet are foot sized and the ankle goes with them size wise. But then her legs get larger fast. Like, in less than 2 inches.
I know I want to do ribbing so there’s some give. I may need a good way to keep the top of the socks up too.

I’m looking for suggestions and insight into how to do these socks.
I’ve been knitting for a while and I’m decent at socks, but I’m just not sure how to do very drastic increases while still making socks that will actually stay up.
The gal I want to make them for suggested buttons at the top to help keep them closed and up. I’m intrigued by the idea but baffled about how to do it. Or if/how it would even work

This is such a thoughtful gift. I like the idea or ribbing or maybe ribbing between a lacy pattern if you’re so inclined. You can increase in the knits and in the purls till you get the size you want. You could increase on every other round or even every round if necessary. It’s going to take a bit of trial and error with fittings in between.
Here’s an example of buttons at the top of socks. Instead of knitting in the round at this point knit back and forth with an increase for a buttonhole tab.

You might try the sockulator. You input measurements and spits out a pattern.

You have a really good heart MandyMae. Good luck with that :slight_smile: