[COLOR=darkorchid]:happydance:I learned how to knit fish yesterday! Pics on my blog!:happydance:[/COLOR]

Cute! Aren’t they fun, they make great cat toys if you sew two together then stuff with cat nip and stuffing of course!

[COLOR=darkorchid]I thought of that. Also thought if I could make them bigger they’d make cute throw pillows for a kid’s bed. They are [I]supposed[/I] to be for an afghan, but seeing how I get bored with make ten thousand of anything, they may end up being used for something else.:lol:[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#9932cc]They take about an hour to make and I got two more done yesterday. Pic will be up on my blog later today.[/COLOR]

Yah I’d get to bored with making all those fishies! My cats love the toys, especially if they’re made with wool and not synthetic yarn. What can I say my cats are wool snobs as well! lol

Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day, teach him how to knit a fish and he’ll spend all his money on yarn.

do I really have to register to look at your blog?


[COLOR=darkorchid]No, only to comment…:shrug:[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#9932cc]Got a few more fishies done…it’s still fun. I’m thinking if I can make one or two an evening eventually I’ll get it done.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#9932cc]Then again I may have to bread and fry those words later![/COLOR]

Love those fishies!

How cute! Where did you find the pattern?

[COLOR=purple]I joined a group at Yahoo called Bits and Bobbles. The group is doing a fish-a-long right now, but the focus of the group is using up left over yarn. Here is the same pattern on the web. xxxThey work up quickly once you realize only the center decreases require reading the pattern. The rest are just increases on the ends![/COLOR]

[COLOR=#800080]New pic of yet more fishies on my blog today![/COLOR]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkgreen]I like our fishies…They’re cute…[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]