Fisherman's rib vs Slip stitch

My mum requested a fisherman’s rib knitted jacked with a proper jacket style collar. Haven’t found a suitable pattern so I have I feeling I may be making one up as I go along.
I hadn’t heard of fisherman’s rib, so I looked up the stitches. It looks the same as a slip stitch rib I did before, which was less complicated (the instructions for fisherman’s rib melted my head).
I think vaguely what I did then was a row of K1 P1, then a row of P1 Sl1. What’s the difference?

The slip st one also includes a YO which you knit tog on the following row; that’s called Brioche Stitch. The Fisherman’s rib that I know looks like it, but you k1, k1below on the row after k1 p1. There’s a tutorial for it which shows what the k1below looks like. I prefer the k1below version, it’s much easier.

Ok, thanks, The instructions for the fisherman’s rib confuse me, I keep thinking that the stitches will ladder. If I knit into the layer below the live stitch will undo in my head
Just read your instructions, I thought k1B meant knit into back of loop, this was additionally confusing me

It ladders down 1 stitch only, the stitch below that you knit into and that stops it. CO about 10 sts and do about 6 or 8 rows and you’ll see how it works. It takes about that many rows for the pattern to show up.

ok, thanks. I couldn’t picture it in my head - most times I’ve learnt if I just do it, it makes more sense but the k1B I thought meant knit one through back of stitch so I couldn’t picture how that worked, but the picture on that website made more sense