Fisherman's Rib pattern

I am told to “K1, K in the stitch below” for this pattern. Can anyone explain what the stitch below is? Much gratitude!
Maureen MacKenzie :??

From what I understand, you lift the stitch that’s below the one on the left needle–from the previous row and lift it up onto the needle and then knit the two together.

:blush: I hate to question Ingrid’s directions, but I don’t think you knit the two together, just knit the stitch you lifted up. Go to the “glossary” tab above, and look for “k-b aka k 1 b” for Amy’s video.

ETA: I was wrong about this – see below.

No, you do sorta knit them together, otherwise you’d have an increase. Rather than lifting the stitch, I just poke the needle into the stitch below and knit and slip both `loops’ off the needle. That’s what Amy’s video shows too.


Okay, now I see where I got confused. I do it the way you and Amy do, poking the needle through the middle of the stitch below and pulling the new stitch through. I now realize that when you knit it that way, the net effect is the same as if you lifted just the left loop from the stitch below (as in KLL), and knit it together with the top stitch, which is what Ingrid was saying to do. When you knit through middle of the stitch, it’s like you’re grabbing both stitches at once. (All I could think was, “but when I do it, I don’t touch the top stitch at all.” But I actually do knit into it – I just didn’t realize it.) Anyway, my bad. :blush: Sorry, Ingrid. I misunderstood what you were saying.