Fishermans rib jumber do not understand shape raglans

The pattern reads 1st row k1, k1b. 2nd row k1, p1, k1b these two rows form the pattern until 41cm 16". No problem following this part of pattern as I read advice page on this forum on how to do fishermans rib.

SHAPE RAGLANS -Cast off 6sts at beg of nex 2 rows. (fine I have done this)
Then pattern reads 1st row k1, S2K1PO, pattern to last 4sts, k3tog, k1.
Next line reads: Work 7 rows in pattern (beg with 2nd row), **Rep last 8 rows until 41 sts rem.
Now work 1st row, then 3 rows in pattern until 29st rem.
Work 1st row again. Work one row in pattern. Leave rem 25 st on a holder for neckband.

This is where it got confusing as I cast off the 6 stitches over the first two rows and then just continued with fishermans rib for the remainder of the rows. Is this where I have gone wrong. I really hope I dont have to undo those last two rows as undoing fishermans rib is a nightmare.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help


You need to begin decreases after you’ve BO the 6 sts. That’s what this row - 1st row k1, S2K1PO, pattern to last 4sts, k3tog, k1. - is telling you.

The long version: K1, sl 2 sts, K 1, pass the 2 slipped sts over the k1, work the 1st row of the rib pattern until the last 4 sts, k3tog, k1. You’ve decreased 4 sts on that row.

On the next 7 rows, work the rib pattern beginning with R2 of it. Then repeat the dec row, followed by 7 rows of the regular pattern (8 rows) until you have 41 sts left. Then a dec row, 3 rows of the reg pattern until you have 29 sts. Work another dec row and 1 more pattern row. This will leave you with 25 sts which you’ll put on a stitch holder for later.