Fishermans rib help!

hi all,

doing a raglan sleeve… started out with fishermans rib (described below)now i gotta shape raglan

[COLOR=“Red”]59 sts
next row - patt 11, p2tog, patt to last 13 sts, p2tog, patt 11. (this part is done).
Work 3 rows patt (would you believe this is where i have the problem… i do not know what to do when i get to the stitch where i p2tog on the previous row as it is not in patt! it throws the whole thing off on me) [/COLOR]

(to make it easy to understand …
I started with the FISHERMANS RIB…
row 1: k1, sl 1 purlways with yarn over needle, rep to end of row
row 2: p1, *k1 together with yarn over needle from previous row, sl1 purlways with yarn over needle, rep from * to end of row
row 3: k1, *slip one purlways with yarn over needle, k1 together with yarn over need from previous row, rep from * to end of row

rep last 2 rows to continue fishermans rib)


Can you follow the pattern in the sts from the previous rows and just do an extra knit st or 2 to get you back into the pattern? It’s going to start out the same way because the decs are 11 sts from the edge.

This site gives you directions for a double decrease over 2 rows which looks neat. You would have to adapt the frequency of your decreases to use this method which is the only way to maintain the pattern as you decrease. (The site is for brioche st which looks like fisherman’s rib but is actually the st described in your instructions.)
I think doing the sts at the decrease in knits and purls as Sue suggests is the only alternative.

Good instructions.