Fisherman's rib and increases

Hi, I’m new the forum and hope someone can help with a vest pattern I’m starting. Its worked in Fisherman’s Rib, but I’m getting stuck with trying to work the pattern when I come to an increase from the row before. Does that make sense? I’m probably what you would call and intermediate knitter (maybe!)Thanks to anyone who can help answer my quesion!

Welcome to the forum!
Is it true fisherman’s rib where you knit into the stitch below?
Can you give us a link to the pattern?

Increasing in ribbing is not one of my favorite things, either. It’s really awkward in brioche or fisherman’s rib. Is there any way to maneuver the increases so you can do two in the same place at the same time? It keeps the pattern going, but makes the shaping a little more step-like than it would otherwise be.

thanks ladies! I found a video by the girl who created the pattern, still a little confusing but I’m working with a swatch to try and figure it out.

That sounds perfect. If it’s still a problem, come back and we can try to figure it out. You can cut and paste a link to the video if you’d like. It would be helpful in general.