Fisherman Shrug

Well, I have all of the pieces knitted and I have attached the arms.

I need to attach the front panels to the back, but I have know idea how to do it. There are still stitches on stich holders and the front panels are not on stitch holders.

I’m going to attempt to attach some pics. Please help. :blush:

Hmm, do you need help with how they fit together, or some suggestions on the method to use to attach? I’m not too clear on how they fit. If they don’t tell you what to do with the live stitches, maybe you could just bind them off and fake graft them to the fronts.

Is this a free pattern you can link to online? It might help to see the written directions.

I found the pattern, and I don’t think you have them where they’re supposed to go. It looks like they have to be moved around to be opposite of the sleeve seam. Check the schematic in the pattern again. The three live sections are in the center and the pieces are not connected to them, but rather to the sleeve.

Ingrid - You are truly my hero. I don’t know what I would do without you.

OK, so the live stitices will be for the neck. I need to “swing” my front pieces around to the other side of the sleeve which is toward the top.

I thingk I’ve got it now.

Thank you soooooo much.

I didn’t quite know how to phrase it, but, yes, swing them up and around is a good way to put it.