Fisherman Shrug - what the heck happened?

I did the Fisherman Shrug from Lion Brand’s pattern.

I did the pattern for the 1x - I wear an XL in regular clothing & thought this would give me plenty of room to wear over a shirt - in the end- its beautiful - but oh my goodness - it is like an EXTRA SMALL!!! My gauge worked out & everything looks right - but it is so tiny! Even the sleeves are so tight on my arms - it fits like spandex or something on my skin - Its so small - it fits my youngest step daughter who is a size 2.

Anyone else do this project & it actually work? I’m very disheartened now!

At the bottom of the pattern there are measurements. Do your results match that? If not then maybe your gauge changed in progress?

I’m sorry you are having troubles…did you notice that it said there were many corrections to the pattern?? Maybe that is what happened?? :??Tillie

The corrections are now in the version on the website, and they’re mostly for shaping. A lot of people haven’t understood the gauge, I think it’s supposed to be with the larger needles.

It looks from the schematic at the bottom that it was not very large anyway. I’m a size 10 and I don’t think I would be comfortable in it.

I guess I should have looked at the measurements at first - just like jeans - you can buy the same brand in the same size & they fit differently. So I guess 1x isn’t the same to everyone - darn it! I did use the bigger needles - exactly like the pattern called for & I did get all the corrections. I think it needs some more corrections in my opinion! :tap:

I agree. The sizing is off. I think they should call it Small and Med or even X-S and S.

How frustrating, I’m so sorry! To put all that work into it and have it turn out like that… :sad: