Fisherman Rib Pattern Error?

Hi All,

Knitting a scarf for hubby from pattern in a book. It starts with a foundation row (Row 1) that makes sense: K1 *K1 P1 repeat from * to end K2. Row two is K1, *K1 P1 repeat. So that’s all okay.

However Row 3 is written as such:

K1 *K1 in st below, P1 repeat from * to end K1 in st below, K1

However on the adjacent page it says to [I]purl the first stitch[/I] then K1 in st below.

On all the videos it says to purl the first stitch. Is this an error in the pattern or is the beginning K1 stitch a border stitch and the purl stitch before the K1b not essential since there is the Knit stitch before it?

Much thanks in advance!

Lets ask you more questions - is that the next row or does it say to repeat row 3; are there more rows between row 3 and the next page? Since it’s just the edge stitch, it may not matter and you can do it either way. Try out both for a couple of rows on a small sample and see which you like.

Thanks for your reply! The adjacent page that says the first stitch should be purl is only instructions on how to K1b.

As far as the pattern itself, Row 3 is the last and it says to keep repeating rows 2 and 3 until scarf reaches 60 in.

I’ve noticed that each row starts and ends with a knit stitch and think that a purl stitch before a k1b stitch is not an essential stitch. If that makes any sense at all.

Yes, just keep working the rows 2 and 3 as written, the other page may be applied elsewhere.

Are you able to show a copy of the page, I’d be fascinated to see it?