Fisherman Pillow Help

I want to make a couple of these for my parents, but when I started them last night, I got a “brain freeze” about the pattern. Here it is

Here’s my question: After doing the first row (Row 1 of Side Panel 1, Row 1 of Center Panel, Row 1 of Side Panel 2), when you start on Row 2, do you do Row 2 of Side Panel 2 first - in other words, in reverse order? Or does the pattern compensate for that and I should do it in the same order as before (Side Panel 1, Center Panel, Side Panel 2)? I’m not an experienced enough knitter to be able to tell how the pattern will turn out.

Hope this makes sense. Didn’t want to get well into it and be doing it the wrong way.

You want to do the non-public side of whichever panel you are on the backside of (what a mouthful, LOL), so you will do it in reverse order as you first wrote. Your first 2 rows would be:

R 1: Side panel 1, Center, Side panel 2
R 2: Side panel 2, Center, Side panel 1