First Visit to a LYS

Last night, I made my first visit to a LYS (not including JoAnn, Michael’s, etc…A REAL yarn store). Oh my god! They had so much amazing stuff, it was a little overwhelming, but the ladies were super helpful and friendly. I bought 3 gorgeous yarns:

A Malabrigo merino you can see here in a color called Purple Mystery. The photo does not do it justice. It is varigated and ranges from a dark purpley-indigoish color to a light almost-lilac. I think I will use this one to try my hand at felting. Maybe a bag?

I also bought a Crystal Palace yarn called Poof in Scuba Dive, which is a nylon eyelash yarn but so soft that I took it home and rubbed it on my cheek for a while. Weird, I know. This one will probably turn into a scarf. I mean to give it to my mom, but don’t know if I’ll be able to part with it.

Lastly, some Baby Alpaca Grande in 1310, which is a nice springy green. This one will also turn into a scarf, I think.

Wish me luck, because my only FO’s have been facecloths thus far! The beautiful yarns have inspired me to move on to bigger and better things.
I just wanted to share - my boyfriend doesn’t quite understand why I’m so excited, but I knew you all would!

you will know you are truly addicted to the LYS when you go there just to touch stuff!

We don’t have a LYS :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: Beautiful finds!!! You’ll have to share what you end up using them for.

Nice score @ your LYS! It’s really quite hard to choose with such a selection, isn’t it?!
LaceDolphin…go to and and you will fine WONDERFUL & COOL yarns there!! I :heart: :inlove: :heart: both of these online shops! I buy all of my yarn online, I no longer buy it @ LYS unless it’s an emergency (of course, I do go there & buy accessories & other goodies :wink: ). You will find a wealth of yarn online, I just gave you my 2 faves…the 2 best…JMHO :wink:

Not weird…IMPERATIVE! :wink:

I once hugged the wall of alpaca at the LYS. :shifty:

[size=2](but then the staff-person told me she does that when there is no one else in the store. I think I freed her in some way… :mrgreen: )[/size]

Malabrigo on your first visit to an LYS???

I’m GREEN with envy!! :smiley:

she has good taste, huh! :wink:

Well, she’s had some good influence!! :wink: :roflhard:

she has good taste, huh!

Yeah, I have expensive taste and I don’t know where I picked that up - my momma didn’t raise me that way. Lucky for me :rollseyes: I’m single with no kids and therefore have some disposable income.

Even as I was buying the yarn I was thinking about my tendency to “hobby-hop” and how I’d not even knitted anything major and maybe I really shouldn’t, but…it was just so SOFT and PRETTY! :oops:

I was a little bit of a habby hopper until I found knitting!

I HATE going into my LYS. My eyes glaze over, I start to get dizzy and breath heavily. I walk from bin to bin squeezing yarn, gasping and moaning. Invaribly, I spend more than I should and hafta sneak it into the house.

Unfortunately, I’m beginning to get as bad just looking at the stuff on line. (O-o-o-o, Knitpicks. Pant, pant, groan.)

That is what happened to me. I saw this yarn it has an eyelash to it and a little bit of sheen. But it was $36. What was I thinking. I haven’t even made my first knit row yet. UGH! But it was so pretty. :inlove:

ooooooh no…no matter how gorgeous it is, i can ALWAYS walk away from $30+ yarn. I can’t even really figure out the yarn that is $90 at my LYS…just looks like all the other yarns in the joint to me…certainly doesn’t LOOOOK like spun gold but apparently is! :wink:

I loooooove my LYS! :heart:

I love my LYS too- I have to admit I haven’t bought too many different types of yarn there yet- I’ve been making clogs, so I’ve been buying all wool, along with th occasional eyelash. I have to walk around and look at it all every time I am there, though- and can’t wait to branch out and buy some other types!! Once I finish the Christmas presents, watch out!! They have a sale in January, I hear- that sounds dangerous. I picture loads of women waiting for the doors to open, running from room to room grabbing yarn from each other- maybe I’d better wear a hardhat, or at least steel-toed boots!! :rofling:

My LYS has a big sale in January and August. Watch out!! There are swarms of women in all sorts of hand knit garments, squeezing around each other with baskets of yarn at 40% off. It’s a small shop, and the woman who owns it likes to take her time. Someone I know spent an hour in line! :shock:

I got there when they opened. :wink: I had a $100 gift cert from Christmas and spent an extra $100–but I got $300 worth of wool!

Ohhhh, I can’t wait to try some of that alpaca! I like to play with it every time I go to the yarn shop. You’ll have to show us some pictures of that! :wink:
My roommate and I just found at least four LYS and we have a favorite already. We’ve been there three times together in the past three weeks. :blush:

Which LYS is your fave, Cate? I’m in the Rochester vicinity, but I haven’t made it up there to the yarn stores in about a year and a half. It looks like there’s a nice one up near the zoo. It’s hard to justify making a trip to shop for yarn when I have a LYS a block away. There’s going to be a fiber fair in Hammondsport on Keuka Lake sometime soon. I’ll post the info here later.

We like The Yarne Source on East Henrietta. Their website is It’s pretty small, though.
Knit and Purl off of Monroe Ave isn’t bad, but the ladies that work there don’t seem nearly as much fun :wink: