First Timer

Kay, I’ve just started trying to cast on with circulars. First time ever knitting anything, and I keep finding that everything gets twisted in a spiral when I try to cast on. Am I doing something wrong?

Do you mean that the cast on stitches are spiraling around the needle?? If so, that’s normal and you can easily untwist them once you have all your stitches cast on. It is particularly crucial when knitting something in the round that your stitches be un-twisted before you start knitting. If you start with a twist it is impossible to fix, aside from starting over again.

Okay, so when I finish that, how exactly do I join? More to the point, I can’t quite figure out how to knit a stitch at all. The recommended video gets to the “pull it through” part and I just stare and wonder, “Through what?” Frustrating.