First time troubles

Hi there everyone, I just started trying this out yesterday and it’s becoming quite frustrating… I want to make my lady friend (:heart:) a certain R2D2 beanie, but I may have taken on too much too fast. I’m using a US7 16" circular needle, and I’ve cast on 108 stitches as shown in the videos on this site, but when I go to knit the first row I can barely get the right needle through the cast ons.

I guess what I’m asking is: Am I supposed to make the cast ons loose? I’m using the “Longtail” method, and every video I watch shows them being tightened snugly on the needles. I’m not clamping it on there, but I’m not leaving it all loose like a single cast on.

It’s funny that I wanted to try this as a relaxing hobby, and it turns out to be so frustrating… mostly because of my chunky fingers:roflhard:


Trust me, it gets EASIER! It took me 6 weeks to get everything working the way it should. You can do a looser cast on. You can do a test. Cast on really loose and if that’s to loose then cast on, sort of, in between tight and really loose. Just keep trying different ways. I’m a tight knitter so I have a tight cast on to match the rest of the item. It’s only tight for the first row, not the rest.

:eyes: Alrighty… I’ve done about 1/4 of the first row of the k2, p2 pattern. It looks horrid, but from what I’ve read it won’t really take on a ribbed look until I have a couple rows done.

Also, is it normal for something to look so small at this point? I just can’t visualize this expanding like the instructions say it will, and I’d probably have a nervous breakdown if I wind up with a baby-beanie (although my nephew would probably love it :stuck_out_tongue: )

Yes, it will take about 2 inches for ribbing to show properly (usually less, but if you don’t expect it until 2 inches, you’ll be pleasantly surprised :slight_smile: )

It will definitely expand as it gets away from the needles. I’ve had stuff that I worried it would expand TOO much!

every video I watch shows them being tightened snugly on the needles

They should be comfortably loose enough to allow you to insert your working ndl. If ‘tight’ that’s not feasible. If you tend to tug on the yarn, don’t. If you’re naturally a tight knitter, CO with a larger ndl…or loosely with your req’d sz…or opt for a loose-style CO (altho not all COs work on all projects).

On the 16" circ you want the sts to comfortably move around the ndl given the small circumference.

Seeing as how I’m only 1 1/2 rows in, I think I may restart. That, and I spaced out when doing the k2 p2 pattern and I think I got a few together… =S

Alrighty, I’ve started over twice since last time… I think it’s looking better, and much easier to work with. It also helps that I’ve watched a few more videos to clarify how to do (and not do) the things that were causing my frustrations. It’s all going to be worth it once I give it to her, though (I’m so lucky to have a girlfriend that likes Star Wars :inlove:)

Looks great! No twisting, nice even CO and sts. Youl’ll start to see things taking shape the further along you get.

I’ve started using a second needle held together with the first to cast on, then pulling out the second needle after the cast ons. It has made all the difference in the world. You can cast on tightly and evenly and still have a looser cast on this way. Example…I knit socks and use a size 1 or 2.25m needle (two circular method) but when I cast on I use an additional size 0 with the size 1.

I’ve tried casting on over two needles and found it awkward for me. I just use a needle a 1-3 sizes bigger to cast on with. I almost always do this no matter what I am making. A tight cast on pulls in and pulls all you knitting in for quite a ways. A nice loose cast on helps things lie flatter and gives the stretch you need when you are doing something like a hat or a cuff.

Your hat is looking good so far.

OK, I’ve only got 3 more rows before I come to the next part, which calls for using 3 dpns… It’s gotten much quicker and easier after that damned k2, p2 pattern, hopefully I’ll be done in a few days =p Thanks for all the help and advice :muah:

It’s looking great! Great job!:yay:

Hey ladies and gents, I’m so very close to finishing, just have to go back and add the little details that make it look like an Astromech. I’d like to thank everyone for their suggestions and helpful comments! :muah:

My head is, of course, a bit bigger than hers. That and my white guy fro makes it bulge a bit. as you can see, I dropped quite a few stitches during this project that I either didn’t notice or just decided to not fix. I’m sewing them up with a tapestry needle atm. How is it for a first attempt?

For your first attempt, it is absolutely amazing!! Your gf should be very proud!

Congrats on your first FO! (Hopefully any dropped sts don’t end up unraveling.) So what project is up next?

Thankies! Uhhhh… next will be a matching hat and scarf set for my roommate, cause I’m too broke to buy her a Christmas gift. That, and she was at Old Navy and saw a combo she liked that looked easy enough to make.

After that, I’ll be making myself a hat (Death Star) and then a couple more nerdy designs I’ve come up with. I have a sort of beanie-fetish, I love to collect them, and now that I can (sort-of) make my own designs, it’s that much cooler. And if I make them with thin enough yarn, I can wear them for months. (not a lot of cold weather down here in Texas =p )

Thanks again everyone!:grphug:

Here it is finished with all the little details!

She loved it!