First Time Scarf!

My first ever knitting project with minor mistakes! 35 stitches wide using just knit stitch. (Garter stitch).
Yarn used- Lion Brand Yarn:Lion Suede in Fuchsia.
Scarf will go to charity.

Congratulations on completing your first scarf! Love the color and your tension is great. That’s one of the hardest things to get in knitting, in my opinion. Before you know it, you’ll be knitting sweaters! :yay: :thumbsup:

That’s great! :woot: You will enjoy your first scarf for a LOOOONG time to come. I still wear mine (my first knitting F.O.) fondly even though I have many others since and much more advanced projects!

Way to go! :woot: :woohoo:

Nice work! Very neat, even stitches, and I love that yarn. Good job.

I will never give up my first scarf. It’s too important to me. Looks like you did really well with yours. Keep on going. You’re doing great!

Congrats!!! Feels great doesn’t it? What’s next?

:yay:Congrats on the scarf!! It looks great

Great job on your first scarf. It looks nice and warm :yay:

It looks so luscious, and I’m in love with the color!
And, very nice work, too!

Great job! I just knitted my first scarf also. Mines has about 3 holes, but got very good at the end. I have since learned how to purl, which is really easy. Anyways, yours is great.

its luks gorgeous …congratz for ur 1st scarf…kip it up