First time reading chart

Here is the link to the chart:

I think i understand the stitch pattern but what are the boxes drawn for? Also what does it mean :The thick hemmed areas are the repeats for left and right sides."

I have never gone by a chart before but this one looked pretty simple. Thanks!

It’s a translation thing… The ‘hemmed’ areas refer to the boxes at the edges (the ‘hem’) which are the repeats. After you finish row 40, start over again at row 11 and the stitches inside the boxes would be repeated on each side of the 6 center stitches. That’s what it’s supposed to mean, the thing is, you won’t be repeating the 2 edge sts and yo at the beg and end of the row, so it’s more like you repeat the stitches [I]between[/I] the boxes.

Oh OK. Got it. Thanks a bunch!

What yarn would you suggest using with this pattern? I’m a beginner so I’m not ready to invest in anything too pricey but would like to try this pattern.

You could use a heavier yarn since it uses larger needles, though a fingering works okay on 5 and 6mm ones. That or a sport or dk, not a worsted - shawls are knit looser than for a sweater or sock so you can use a much larger needle. However if you wanted to use a worsted, use a 6 and 7mm or even go up to an 8mm.

The recommended needle size is 8 to 10, so that’s probably worsted weight yarn or somewhat smaller. If you’re buying locally at a big craft store, you might look at Lion Brand Wool-Ease, I Love This Wool at Hobby Lobby, Simply Soft by Caron (acrylic), and Vanna’s Choice (another acrylic).

For online purchases, check out the worsted weight yarn at Knitpicks. I’m sure someone else will chime in and give you some other recommendations for yarns found mostly online or at specialty yarn stores.

Also, I found this pattern on Ravelry, but only one person has made it. You might look at her notes, though, and see if you get any ideas:

(I’m not familiar with the yarn she used, by the way.)