First time reading a pattern! Can you simplify it for me?

Alright so, I am a self taught knitter and this is my first big project (a baby car seat blanket)! My friend’s baby is due late May/early June. I hope I have enough time!

I am using size 7 US circular needles and Fantasy Dark Horse 50% acrylic and 50% nylon yarn in color 29.

I have cast on 123 stitches and I’m currently knitting the 5 rows for the boarder. From there I get confused. I’m going to watch some videos to better understand the “right side” and “wrong side”. But if someone could explain the pattern in like a step by step format, it’d be great :slight_smile:

I hope the attachment works. Thanks!

Here’s a sample photo

they’re calling row 6 at the end the wrong side, so i’m interpreting that to mean all even rows are the ‘wrong’ side (i.e., the back of the item)… but really, it will look similar on both sides because of the garter rib pattern.

so, you’ve cast on.
you’re knitting the 5 border rows (all knit stitches on both sides creates squishy garter stitch with ‘ridges’).
you’ll knit one setup row of knit3/purl3/repeat all the way across.
you’ll now start the pattern. patterns are read from the right bottom to the left top, completely backward of reading english words. but this is saying row 1 (right side/RS) is knitting all the way across. turn the work.
now it’s row 2, which is the knit3/purl3 repeat, all the way across. turn the work.
repeat rows 1 and 2 for a while.
after you finish a row 2 in the pattern, measure your work. knit, knit, knit, measure, knit some more, and some more, measure. keep knitting rows 1 and 2 until your work measures 27" from your cast-on edge. for this pattern, you always measure after knitting row 2.
once you’ve knit a ton, and your work measures 27" from cast-on, it’s time again for 5 rows of all knit stitches, to create garter stitch ‘ridges’. and then it’s time to bind off your work.

most people like to mark the ‘right’ side with something… a stitch marker, a paperclip, a loop of contrasting yarn… anything that tells them easily at a glance which side is facing them. also, because you’ll be switching back and forth from knits to purls, you’ll want to make sure your yarn is always in the right spot. for knits it should be in the back of your work. then for purls, just bring the yarn between the two needles to the front. do not wrap it around the needle, just move it to the front, purl, move it to the back, knit, front to purl, back to knit, repeat… video of this technique at for english (yarn in right hand) and for continental (yarn in left hand). the video shows k2/p2, and you’re doing k3/p3, but the technique is absolutely the same for yarn placement.

hope that helps. :slight_smile:

After you’ve worked the border rows, you’ll do the following:

Set Up Row - Knit 3, Purl 3 across the row

Row 1 - Knit all sts
Row 2 - Knit 3, Purl 3 across

You will knit these 2 rows over and over until it’s just about the length you want the blanket to be. Then you’ll do the other border.

I would recommend putting some sort of marker at the beginning of Row 2 to help you remember which row will be the “Knit 3, Purl 3” row.

It’s not really important which row is RS and which is the WS, since this is a blanket, not something for the baby to wear. Keeping track of which side you’ll do the K3, P3 on is the most important thing!!!


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