First time reading a chart

Hi, I’m starting the Yarn Harlot’s “Pretty Thing” (available at Ravelry) and it’s my first time reading a chart. The pattern says to cast on 118 stitches and repeat the first row of the pattern 7 times around. There are 16 open squares meaning to do 16x7 knit stitches. Now according to my calculator 16x7=112. Harlot assures us on the pattern download page that 118 is the right number.

Can anyone who has the pattern and can see the chart help me understand how this works out? I know all I have to do is knit every stitch on the first row, but for the sake of the rest of the project, I want to understand charts. Does it not matter if it doesn’t work out mathematically?

(Am I overthinking this?) :wink:

She’s right - that sure is a pretty thing.

I don’t have the pattern/chart so it’s hard to say. Perhaps there are more decreases then increases, thus making the beginning count of 118 correct and the ending count of 112 correct?

Plus, she says not to put markers in until you’re done the first 7 rows. Makes me think that the stitch count is decreasing each row. this is probably part of what makes that edge of the crowl so wavy.

Thanks… there is a single increase to 119 stitches on row 5. That makes for 17x7, which is 119, so it does even out quickly. The 17th block on rows 1-4 are grey, which means “no stitch.”

I should just jump in. The instructions for the first four rows are pretty basic, like knit or purl all stitches, so I won’t have any disasters without the math working out in my head.

Thanks again!

Yep, just go for it. The ‘no stitch’ blocks indicate there’s been a decrease or will be an increase in the pattern at some point, so it’s likely wider at one end than another.

Thank you both! It’s under way.