First time posting FO. Baby vest and bib!

This is my first time posting a FO, but I am here ALL the time!
First is a baby sweater vest with a hood and my “model”. Second is a baby bib. Completed both this week!


The vest and bib are almost as cute as the model!!! :cheering: :thumbsup::yay::slight_smile:

Nice job!!!

Oh my goodness what a cutie…and love the vest and bib too!

Do you have a pattern for the vest? I think I would like to try that one…

Oh, that is just too cute, the vest and the baby. The bib is great too.

They are both original designs. A friend of mine is testing my writing skills before I publish it.
I will post when it is completed and published! :muah:

OMG! I had to double take at the baby! So cute I had to make sure that bub wasn’t a doll!!!

Hoodie and bib are cute too :smiley:

Wow! :passedout:excellent colors and design! the only thing I would add is that snaps work way better for baby clothes than buttons do…

Here is a detail photo of the bottom of the sweater taken before completion.

I had that exact thought when I put it on him. I think I will do that on my next design…

ohhh, those are really nice! What yarn did you use for the vest?

How adorable as is the baby! It is beautiful work!

Such a cutie!!! And the vest and the bib are very nice too:lol:


I too would love the baby vest pattern, I don’t think I have ever seen anything like that.

Looks great!! Your little model looks very happy in that vest, what a cutie!!! I would love the pattern when you write it up.

how freaking cute is that little model!?!?! great job on the knitting as well!

So beautiful! Yes, I’d love to know the types of yarn you used. A lot of times I don’t LOVE the baby sweaters and baby stuff people make; it can sometimes be too old-fashioned or something. I’m completely in love with the stuff you do. Beautiful baby, beautiful knitting! GREAT job!!! :smiley:

Love the vest and oh my goodness! Your “model” is adorable…love the grin!

Great job on the sweater and bib. And the baby is adorable!!!

Awww!!! ADORABLE!! :balloons:

Your baby is ADORABLE! I’m jumping on the I-want-the-vest-pattern bandwagon! My little one is due in Nov., and I’d love to make that for him. Love it:) The bib is cute as well!