First TIme: Men's Sweater Front/Back question

Hi Everyone!!

First of all, THANK YOU FOR BOTHERING TO READ MY POST. :slight_smile:

I am trying to make my boyfriend a men’s bulky v-neck sweater. I got the pattern from a kit I bought.

I’m confused because there are directions for the Front and Back that are both supposed to be done on size 10 circular needles… but in the “assembling the sweater” directions, there is no information on how to put the front and back pieces together. Am I supposed to be doing both the front and back in the same 10 circular needles?

It doesn’t make sense to me to be making the back piece on circular needles unless i’m also supposed to do the front piece at the same time… or else my back piece would be connected to itself kind of like a sleeve.

I’m so confused…

please help. =)

It’s a little hard to say without seeing exactly what the directions are telling you to do. If you can type out the first 3-4 sentences, we can be more exact.

It is possible that you are knitting the front and back separate, even though you are using circular needles. If they tell you to…“cast on 90 (or whatever) stitches…” then have you knitting rows, you’ll be doing the front/back as separate pieces, using the circluar needles as if they were 2 straight needles.

If the directions say something like…" cast on 185 stitches and join in a circle…" then you would be knitting the front and back at the same time, in a circle or tube. when you get to the armholes, you will switch to back and forth, doing the front first, then the back.

The circulars are probably to hold the bulky stitches more easily than a straight needle.

Look at the pattern for Finishing directions–that should tell you about seaming and such.