First time making a hat!

So I have some US 10 needles and a ball of bulky-super bulky yarn. I’ve looked up some worked flat patterns according to my yarn and needle size and they say cast on 60-90 stitches, depending on what pattern I look at. Problem is, I can only fit about 40 stitches on my needle with this bulky yarn! Am I doing something wrong? Are my needles some how not long enough, even though I’m using the correct needle size as stated in the pattern?

you’re using the right size, but maybe without enough length…

there are sizes 000000 small up to 50 big… and depending on brand, they come in 6" length, 7" length, 10" length, 14" length, etc etc.

because of the bulky yarn, you may need another set of needles, still in size 10, but with longer shafts.

or, you could use circular needles in that size. if you have a really long circular in size 10, you’d just need the one set. if you have size 10 but in shorter circular lengths (but still longer than your regular straight needles) you could use those, but you’d need 2 sets. and then you just pretend they’re extra long straight needles, using the cables on them to hold all the extra stitches as needed. is a good video showing how, if you’re new to it. :wink:

hope that helps, but hollar if you need more!

What yarn are you using?