First time making a crochet hat but seem to have far to many dc than I should?

This is my first time crocheting a hat, I was happy when I starting it but it turning out huge and I seem to have more dc stitches than I should I should have 36 but have a lot more I have just been working into the chain but I may of done this wrong any advise please? ( I’m using a thick wool so expected it a bit larger but not this big :joy:) thanks Tracy

Which row are you finding an increase in double crochets?

What pattern are you using? A link to it or it’s exact name and the name of designer so maybe we can find it would be great.

Did you check your gauge? If your gauge is off even with the correct stitch count your hat will be a different size. That might be OK since babies grow.

I found it was on the round two - I started again as and found that I had been going around the entire outside instead of going through the 2 stitches so now it’s right. I have managed to gain 2 stitches but doesn’t seem to affect. Thanks for your help T

This is the pattern. T