First time knitting

I am a brand new knitter, did this a little as a child but forgot everything. So I cast on the stitches and just doing a practice 15 cast on and the knit and purl stitch seems to go fine. Then I start an afghan project 252 stitches cast on, 35 inch circular needles. After initial cast on and during the first knit stitch I develope a line of yarn between the needles that gets longer with each stitch, this happened with the test but only 15 stitches so it wasn’t an issue didn’t get longer than one inch but seems to be a problem with last stitch hanging. With the afghan so many stitches the line of yarn between the needles continues to get longer. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong, the knit stitch or the cast on. Help!

What kind of cast on did you use? If you just did the kind of cast on with just making yarn loops on the needle, the first row is almost impossible to keep tight and neat. If this is the case, try casting on with a different method and see if that helps the situation.

I did just use the loop on my finger and onto needle, as the line gets longer I do have to pull it to tighten the knit stitch on the other needle I will have to look at other methods of casting on as this is the only one I know its tuff being new

If I’m understanding you correctly, it sounds like your cast-on is narrower than you knitting? This is quite normal. When you cast-on stitches for a project, it needs to be the number of stitches that is calculated based on the gauge you get from knitting a swatch. You can’t estimate the width of the project based on how wide your cast-on appears. It always grows!

Hope that helps,

No, its tuff to explain and I’m sure its something I’m doing wrong so probably doesn’t happen to you. After initial cast on I proceed to knit stitch and in between the two needles developes a line of yarn that grows longer with every stitch. It also has tension that seems to be related to newer knit stitch. So for my test its fine, doesn’t get to much longer than an inch but for the afghan 252 stitches it was wicked long and I had to stop. try to picture the two needles should be close instead I have a long line of yarn in between. I have a digital camera if I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong I will take a picture and post it. Although that will only make it more clear how inept I am at this. :oops:

LOL Nannie, I’m embarrased to post pictures too. But last time I wouldn’t have figured out what I was doing wrong without posting the pic and receiving everyones comments. Finally, I was able to get it right, so it all worked out :smiley:

Good luck on the afghan!!

thanks, I sit here in work all caught up and just want to go home and figure this out. But they don’t pay me to knit :cry:

I think what she is doing is using the Loop cast-on. This happened to me when I first started knitting, too. You insert the needle to do row 1, and somehow you sort of pull the needles apart, knit the stitch and wind up with this cord-like piece of yarn between the two needles. It’s cured by just not using that cast-on method, or if a person can make sure to be super-careful to not pull the needles away from each other during row 1.

What I mean is casting on using the method in Amy’s video called Single cast on a.k.a. backward loop cast on. As Amy says, it’s easy but tricky to knit evenly.

Ahhh yes, I think Yvonne has hit the nail on the head. It’s just in the cast-on row that this is happening? Then yes, this is it!

Try using the long-tail cast-on. It actually gives you an already-knitted row, so it saves you a lot of knitting time on a project like that! And it’s a great general cast-on method.


Thanks I can’t wait to get home and try. My daughter is the one pushing me to knit, she is pregnant and just found out today its a boy. So I need the practice to make a nice blanket and do I dare say hat and booties by July. Funny right now I can’t get past the cast on LOL :smiley: thanks for all the help, Me and Joan of Arcadia will be knitting tonight

Oh, congratulations on that new baby! If there is anything that will inspire a knitter, it’s a new baby. :smiley:

Thanks very excited my first grandchild hence the name Nannie Sue

Aww, congrats Nannie!!! I can’t wait till I can knit little booties and hats. Baby things are so cute! I’d like to do a baby blanket soon, even though I don’t know anyone who’s pregnant right now…LOL. But in my family, kids are always popping out, so someone should be pg by the time I finish a blanket :smiley:

Yeah, I can crochet the blankets but I really want to knit, and this is the first grandchild for me, so have to work on my Nannie skills, its all very exciting. Thanks for the good wishes

Oh, big time baby lover right here!! Congratulations!

On a side note, sort of, having a little boy first is extra special. Don’t get me wrong about girls, as I hope I am blessed with a girl for my next one, but there is just something about a little boy coming up to you and planting a kiss on your cheek. You see them crash cars, break down lego towers, and I swear that smudge on his cheek is permanent, so when he suddenly comes over for a little snuggle and a kiss, it really lights up my day.

Again, congratulations!

Oh I agree, I actually have the girl first, and she is having the boy, she is 27 and I started over a few years ago and have a son 9 - and you wouldn’t beleive he wants the video game Mortal combat but has to have a hug every time he walks by. And still plays with my hair. I was hoping for a girl for her though (payback?) love to shop for pink, but we will certainly take the boy. Also nice to have an older brother. I have 2 myself

Oh, that choked me up a bit. My boy loves to do that too. He’s so gentle and to see him caress my hair with his little fingers…grabs a tissue

Congrats on becoming a gramma, Nannie Sue!

One of my friends has a toddler boy who is obsessive about playing with her hair. I forget what you call it, but it’s become his version of a safety blanket, basically, so he’s always touching it. It’s really cute! At least she doesn’t have to worry about misplacing a blanket! :lol:

Nannie Sue, just a tip on making the blanket. Be sure not to do it in stockinette stitch, because that will curl. …happy knitting! :slight_smile:


I have been working on the blanket a bit and I must say thank you for the video’s I couldn’t tell what to do by the pictures in my learn to knit video (boy I felt dumb) but your video’s make it so much easier. I don’t seem to hold the yarn the way you do though so I hope it still works the same. I am a lefty knitting righty. Thanks for all the congrats on my first grandchild, very nice of everyone.
Now I have to stop knitting and go clean the house :cry: