First time knitting a top


I’m knitting the bottom-up Seven Sisters Top by Sloane Gillam Lacasse and I’m stumped at the section called “shape front neck” which really seems to be more about armholes….

My question is this: once I transfer the held second shoulder stitches onto the needles, how do I join the yarn? It’s currently attached to the “on hold” first shoulder at the other side of the neck…. So confused…!

Thank you!

You can start a new end of yarn for the second shoulder or you can cut the yarn currently attached to the first shoulder leaving a long tail (maybe 3 times the length of the held sts).
It sounds like the finishing on the shoulders is to join front and back shoulders with 3-needle bind off. This is a neat, sturdy join and can be worked using the yarn tail left from the shoulders. That’s why you leave an extra long tail when you cut the yarn end at the shoulder.

To join the new end of yarn to the second shoulder, hold the yarn end next to the left needle and begin knitting. Leave about a 6" tail to weave in later. Don’t worry that the first stitch or two is a bit loose. You can give a gentle tug to the yarn end to snug it up.

Very good looking top with lots of Ravelry projects.

Ah! What a great explanation! Thank you so much!

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