First time knitting a baby blanket with cotton - help

This will be my first time knitting a baby blanket ever for that matter. I have crocheted for many years. Just wondering if there are certain patterns to stay away from when using cotton and if anyone has a good one to start out with. I have made some dishcloths and a pancho so far so this will be a new adventure. Thanks!!

Well, I don’t think it matters particularly. Maybe someone else has more experience though.

Is the baby blanket for your baby? If so, great.

If not…think about this: will the mother of the baby be willing to handwash the blanket? Is the cotton yarn washable? The cotton yarns, expensive or cheap, that I have seen are not washable.

I knit a beautiful Aran baby blanket (using cotton) for my daughter’s new son…and she has ‘babied’ the baby blanket…and it is still beautiful 3 years later. But she gave me her solemn promise: if I knit her a cotton baby blanket…she would handwash and lay flat to dry.

She has seen what becomes of cotton anything when it is washed and dried and washed and dried…such as my Sugar and Cream dishcloths.
They fade, warp, shrink and distort! Generally atrocious looking a few months later.

I made a summer top out of Sugar and cream and it washes very well. It gets softer each time and only pulls out of shape after wearing it a few time. Washing puts it back to the size its supposed to be.


Thanks for the input. I was thinking of using TLC Cotton Plus which is 51 percent cotton and 49 percent acrylic. The manufacturer states you can machine wash and dry, but never having used it I don’t know if that is really true. Any thoughts on how cotton blends hold up in the wash? Thanks!!

You could try a swatch and wash and dry it to see how it behaves.


Good idea! Thanks, Sue!!!

I’m knitting two cotton baby blankets right now. One is the large dishcloth blanket made from dishcloth cotton. As someone else mentioned, that stuff is indestructable and gets softer and softer with each washing. It’s not supposed to be fancy, it’s supposed to be practical. The second one is from Vogue Knitting Baby Blankets 2. It’s the sheep blanket. I’m using GGH’s GOA for the blanket with that fleece sort of yarn…(hour glass is blinking slowly this morning)…OH, it’s Berroco’s Plush for the sheep. Cute, cute, cute blanket and easy to knit. BUT after reading the labels on the plush yarn I found that it will have to be dry cleaned because I mixed colors. Great. sigh Not a great gift. Keep in mind most new parents want 6 more arms and 12 more hours in the day.

Nikki, sounds like your blankets will be very pretty and soft!! I wanted to make something soft and pretty at the same time, but hold up well when a new mom doesn’t have time to handwash.

I have to admit that being new to the knitting forum and knitting in general, I don’t know what all the abbreviations mean like GGH and GOA. I have come across others and wondered what the heck they’re talking about. Can you help me out? Thanks!

Those two are yarn names, not abbreviations, though they probably stand for something… GOA = goat of the andes? :rofl:


Shows you how much I know!!

Which area of Wyoming are you in? I lived in Cheyenne for ten years in the early '80s and that’s why I now live in Arizona!!

I’m in Casper which is now experiencing a huge job boom. We’ve only been here 6 months, moved from Michigan. I grew up in S Idaho, though, and lived in N Idaho for over 20 years.


I am glad you guys are posting some info on sugar and cream. I am making a bag~ going to be my next lunch bag~ and I just started yestereday. I bouthe the Sugar n Cream because I want to be able to wash it frequently~b/c of it handling food~! : :pout:

Sue, I grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho!! Pretty small world, huh?

Sue, I grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho. Small world, huh?

I actually love Sugar and Creme for dishcloths, but haven’t really used them long. I’m hoping that they last for a little while, but I’ll just knit more if they don’t!

I wasn’t too far from there - Nampa.

OBknitting: I haven’t made dishcloths but may do so if my leftover cotton yarn stash keeps growing. We’re moving next week and I was thinking of knitting some sort of bath rug or something.