First Time Knitter Needing Answers

Hello to All,

I’m seriously wanting to get started in knitting. Could some of you let me know what you really enjoy about knitting? Could you also tell me some of the difficulties you have encountered? I’m really interested in getting started but don’t really know what a good first project would be. Your answers would be greatly appreciated!

I really love everything about knitting! I love selecting yarns and needles, creating colour combination, going through the motions of knitting, and getting an adrenaline rush when I’ve completed something.

The only difficulty I ever had was learning the purl stitch, because every book and website I ever went to was so cartoony that I couldn’t tell what was going on. After three years of trying to learn, I finally learnt the purl stitch last Feb! Lol!

Knitting is creative, fun and can be relaxing once you get the hang of it. I like the feel of the yarn as I’m knitting and I like that I can do it while I’m watching TV and visiting.

Most people start with a scarf because it’s simple. All you need to do is cast on 20 or 30 stitches and start knitting. Come in here and ask questions if you need help. The knit and the purl stitch are the basics of knitting. Once you learn those you can do pretty much anything while continuing to learn increases, decreases, etc. BTW… I learned to purl right away so don’t be scared by that. We all learn at our own pace.

There are videos at the tabs at the top of the forum. Plus here are some more links that helped me out a lot when I started.

Lion Brand - Learn to knit
Knitting at Noon Videos

I find knitting to be very relaxing and satisfying. You basically take some sticks and some string and wind up with a nice finished product by your own hands. What could be more cool than that?

Difficulties? Everything. But it comes together for you as you go. Anything is difficult the first time. After that it gets easier.

Most folks do a scarf as a first project. I recommend a 2x2 ribbed scarf as it uses both knit and purl stitches. Great way to practice both stitches.

And don’t drive yourself crazy like I did on my scarf. Don’t shoot for or expect perfection on the first project. It probably isn’t gonna happen. Someone told me about the “galloping horse” rule. If a mistake wouldn’t be noticed by someone riding by on a galloping horse, it isn’t worth getting upset about.

I enjoy knitting because I find it relaxing and soothing. If it burns up calories than I must have very slender wrist. lol :teehee: I’m at the point now where I cannot sit down and watch tv without knitting. :roflhard:

I took a few classes at my LYS in the beginning and I’m glad I did. That’s where I learned how to knit socks from the Toe Up. I never would have figured it out on my own with just a book. :wall:

I also enjoy the shopping for yarn, buying knitting books and magazines but most of all I enjoy the process of knitting. :heart:

I usually have at least two projects going at a time. The easier one I knit while watching tv. The more involved the pattern is the more I need to concentrate and the tv will be off so I don’t lose my place in the chart.

I just Love it ALL. :muah:

[b][color=indigo]My personal opinion is to learn to CO, knit and purl before “make a project”. I personally think it takes off a lot of pressure to finish “something”. :teehee:

When my mother taught me to crochet, she handed me a hook and a ball of yellow yarn about the size of a baseball, showed me how to chain and said, “Chain the whole thing.” :?? When I finished it, she said, “Rip it out and do it again.” (This would be the same as casting on a needle full of sts, ripping them out and doing it several times.) After four or five times, I had perfect tension, :cheering: knew how to manipulate the hook and yarn :cheering: and had absolutely no problems moving on to more advanced crocheting. :happydance:

So my advice is to learn to CO nice and loose. Then learn to knit. Practice that for awhile. Then add purling to the mix. Practice. Then learn to bind off nice and loose. Then start a project.[ /color] :yay: :yay: [/b]