First time for DPN's

Well, I finally gave in and bought a couple sets of dpn’s. I was knitting a baby hat and had to use them for the decreases at the top. I have to say that since I started the hat on regular circulars and only started the dpn’s on the decreases, I didn’t seem to have too much trouble. They are, of course, a bit confusing at first but I managed to do okay.
My only real problem was when I got down to 1 stitch on each dpn and had to knit for a couple of rows, for some reason that threw me and the stitches kept falling off. Any suggestions for knitting only 1 stitch or so on dpn’s?
Thanks for listening!!! I am very excited as I had avoided dpn’s for the longest time until I watched Amy’s video and Shandeh’s video. I think, with practice, I’ll get the hang of this.

A few rows only 4 (or 3, depending on how many DPNs you were using) stitches around? This can be done on just two needles, and is called i-cord.

Put all of your stitches on one needle, then slide them to the rightmost end (the right side (outside) of the work should be facing you). Bring the working yarn around the back of the stitches and knit them all. Then slide those stitches to the right point of the needle, bring yarn around back, knit all. Repeat until desired number of rows have been knit, then bind off. :smiley:

Thanks so much - that makes sense. I knew there had to be an easier way.

If you’re down to 1 st on each needle you’ve gone too far usually. Most patterns have you quit when you’re down to about 8-12 sts, cut the yarn and pull it through the stitches like a drawstring. I’m sure not all patterns end like this, but I haven’t seen too many otherwise.

I think maybe it’s a little nobby on top of the hat, like you often see on traditional-looking berets.

That could be.

You are right - there is a little knoby thingy at the top of this particular hat. I really appreciate the advice from both of you.

I just LOVE this place!

I knit all my hats top-down. Casting on and increasing with the Magic Loop Method untill I get enough stitches to move the knitting onto my 16" circular needle.

Cant handle DPN’s, but if they work for you … yay!

I am interested in learning magic loop also. I think knowing both techniques would be really useful and the way you make your hats sounds like something I’d like to try.