First time doing a pattern

I really hope someone can help me.
So i just learnt to knit and I decided to follow a pattern for what I thought would be manageable. It is this patterns (couldn’t post the link)

I started and did well for the rib part, but when starting the pattern I ran into problems. It looks nothing like the picture what I did.
I am doing the largest size, so I had 40 stitches, did the first row, the second, and by the third row I didn’t know what to do because it said to do something with the last four stitches, but I didn’t have 4 left from repeating the first part. So I have one question there, should I just stop doing what I was repeaing at the last 4 stitches no matter what or I a just doing it wrong? I tried to just keep going but the same problem kept happening and for the 7th row I ended with only 1 stitch instead of 2.
I hope I made sense. IS there somewhere I can watch some how-to’s , just to make sure I am doing things right?

That is the pattern

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Very nice pattern. Thank you for the link.
There are a couple of places to check that the stitches are correct. For the repeat, you will use 6sts so that you should do 6 repeats before the last 4sts.

slip 1, k1, psso uses 2sts. Slip one, knit one and then pass the slipped stitch over
k2tog uses 2sts
yfwd is a yarn over and doesn’t use any sts. Bring the yarn to the front between the needles and then over the right hand needle to the back.

It may help to use stitch markers every 6sts for the first row or so to make sure each repeat is correct.

At least the first row I manage to do the 6 repeats and end up with the last four stitches, my problems begin with row number 3, because I end up with 33 stitches after doing row number 1 and row 2, by the 3rd row I can do the repeats 5 times but end up with 3 last stitches instead of 4. Should I loose that many stitches after doing the first row?
Thanks for the link to videos!

This is where the stitch markers will help. If row 1 is marked off in sets of 6sts, it is easier to count and name the sts.
Go back and look at each stitch and each repeat. You should be able to see the yarn overs, the decreases and the knit stitches. If you do that you may be able to see where there are missing yarn overs for example. Make sure too that you’re doing slip one, knit one, psso (not slip one, k2tog, psso).

I really don’t know what else to do, I did what you suggested and marked the stitches and made sure I did things properly however I keep ending the first row with 33 stitches amd every row has 6 stitches repeat and a last 4 stitches. I really doubt the pattern is wrong, but I don’t know what to do :frowning:
I really appreciate your help, and sorry if this is such a dumb question.

Never a dumb question, believe me.
Probably the best thing to do is rip back to the end of the ribbing where you change to 3mm needles. You should have 40sts on the needle. Mark off 6 sets of 6sts ending with the 4sts.
Start the 1st row, making sure you finish the repeat within the markers, then count the number of sts across the row.
If you don’t have 40sts then go back and find the repeat with more than 6sts. You should be able to see the mistake. If you do have 40sts, go on to the next row. I count each row until I’m sure I have the pattern working.
You may want to work this out on scrap yarn first just so you don’t keep ripping out your good yarn.