First time doin socks..please "chime" in

Hi everyone…yes I have ventured into the world of socks…Crossed Fingers using 4 dpn’s (working with one empty so 5) anyway I am down to shaping the heel, when I start the process are all 20 sts going to end up on one needle? Then at some point do I trsf back to another and begin using 4 again? Also when I sl on p row, do I sl as to p? When I k do I sl as to K? Pat doesn’t specify Thanks all for looking, I be checkin in :hug: Cheley

Yup- when you start the process, all 20 stitches end up on one needle. You work with those stitches to do the heel flap and to turn the heel (though there are decreases, so by the time you finish turning the heel I think you only have 12 stitches) then you will have those stitches at the bottom of your foot, some stitches on another needle at the top of your foot, and you’ll pick up stitches between those two on either side of your foot, which gets you back to 4 needles and knitting in the round.

You generally always slip as to purl unless otherwise specified, because slipping as to knit will turn your stitch on the needle, making it lean to one side.

Sounds like you’re doing great! Can’t wait to see pictures!

Thanks for taking the time…Hopefully, I will be on my way:hug: socks (and 2 color :knitting: ) always have intimidated me…but thanks to this site, I am gaining confidence:thumbsup:

:biting: Yikes, got to “confident”…dropped some sts on the edges, tried to pick them up (dropped ones), but the sl sts goofed me up:frog: I am trying to get back to the first 20sts, NOT HAPPENING!!! Looking very "wonky! Any suggestions on how to get 4 dpns going again at the heel point and starting the flap again? :tap: Thanks everyone Cheley

I started my first sock on 4 Dpn’s, knitting with a 5th too, but when I came to the heel flap and started following Silver’s tutorial, I went down to 3 and just kept doing the rest of the sock on three, never went back to the 4…

Gotcha, but I am trying to get back to 4 to try and re-start the heel flap again, cause I goofed up…thanks