First time crochet

Please can someone help me and explain this. I get stuck from round 1 and I really wanted to make this ready for Halloween this year

Does the chain need to be 15 stitches if I’m making 15 treble crotchets?

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No, just make the 4 chains (three give the same height as a treble, plus one to work into). Then you’ll work 15 trebles into your first chain (the one near the knot). Then you join the last stitch to the first one to make a flat circle of 16 trebles (counting the 3 chains at the start).

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I believe what they’re referring to is a magic ring. But the directions for that are badly written. You can put your stitches in the magic ring and close it tight or chain four, join, and place your stitches inside the ring. I don’t like the chain 4 because it leaves a honking big hole. The magic ring is supposed to close tightly but always comes loose and again, leaves a honking big hole. I do mine like Meladora1 from Israel on YouTube. I chain 2, then put all the required stitches in the second chain on the hook. It will stretch to accommodate that many. So my instructions are: ch 2, insert hook into second chain from hook. 12 dc in second st, join. Ch 1, pull hole closed with the tail. The hole stays closed with this method.


First, you or the pattern are from the UK (Equivalently, single crochet is a US crochet term.) Three chains only equals a treble when using UK terms.

So your ch4 and Trebles will make a flat disc or doily with the first chain stitch as the center or “hub.”

After your 15th TC, close the “circle” with a ss into the ch sts before your first TC.

What are you making? Is it a doily, hat, bonnet, or a stuffed toy (amigarumi)?