First time chart user...need some help please

I knew it would happen sooner or later…I fell in love with a hat pattern that is only available as a chart. I thought “how hard can this be?” and purchased it. Well…I’m just as stuck as can be. I read the instructions but I just don’t know how to proceed. I can easily start the hat, it starts with a 2x2 rib, but after that I’m lost.

It’s this hat:

Can anyone suggest somewhere I can look online to show me exactly how to read this chart? Or can someone walk me though it? Or is there a group on Ravelry who helps wayward chart knitters???

Thanks in advance. LOVE the look of the new forum!!

I don’t know if it’s OK to post a copy of the chart here. There should be an explanation accompanying it. Here’s a Google search that might yield something helpful.

Good for you for taking up the challenge of charts. They really will make knitting easier once you get over the initial learning curve. This hat is so good looking it’s worth the effort.
You could post a line or two of the chart (not the whole chart) and maybe we can get you started.
Here’s another video in addition to GG’s for a cable similar to the hat pattern:

You are both the BEST! Thank you!!

I will look at all of this after work and let you know if I’ve got it. I do like a challenge but…it’s just hard jumping in sometimes.

Thanks so much!

I’m at a soccer tournament and, of course, now I’m ready to start. We have a 4 hour drive home tomorrow so I want to start the chart then.

My first specific question…do I read this from right to left? The small red box at the bottom is just my rubbing, I have 3” and I’m done with that. Then there is a new red box, you can’t see all of it, but it starts at #1 on the right and #1 at the bottom. Is that where I start to read? So purl 3, then the cable, purl 4, then lots of knits, then purl 1? Is that right?

This hat (Bill’s hat) is knit in the round so every chart row is read right to left.
It looks like rows -1 and 0 set the k2p2 ribbing and the pattern starts with row 1. Yes, purl 3, cable, purl 4, k11, p1 and that’s the repeat.

Well, it’s done and it was SO much easier than knitting with the pattern written out. I’m SO glad I tried it! The trouble now is that it’s TOO SMALL!!! I’m a knitter of average tension and this hat seems to fit everyone who made it on Ravelry and I don’t have a giant head…or much hair! So, I have a ton of leftover yarn and I’m going to make it again.

So, my next question…The ribbing is great, fits well. Next time I’ll add a row of purl to give it a place to fold and add another inch but it’s good. It’s the top that is too tight and a little short if I’m honest. I’d like to add a repeat of the pattern. Right now there are 4 repeats of the cable pattern so that would be a 25% increase in the circumference. Do I keep the same needle size or go down one? I knit the whole thing on size 6 and it’s Malabrigo Rios. Any thoughts from he pros? I’m including a pic of it on my head. It’s not blocked yet…

Thanks to all that have helped! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

Your hat looks fabulous! I love Rios and that color is particularly nice.
If you think a 25% increase will work then go ahead. An alternative is to increase the number of sts between the helices rather than increase by a full repeat. You can tell best how much more room you’d like in the hat.
If you like the knit fabric now, you can keep the needle size as is and adjust the stitch count alone.
Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Just in case anyone reads this later…I made another hat and gave this one to my friend’s daughter who has a giant baby head…fits her fine.

I went down a needle size for both sections and added a repeat…so one extra cable. It fits GREAT!

Thanks for all the help!

Photos of finished product here: